Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will be back on 01 March 2009

His shoulder is is my heart...

I am the Sharukh of Indian Politics. I could become the PM without being a part of any clan. Talent man! It counts ! 1 out of 10 million people succeed in India because of talent and hard work. Rest are a part of a clan...

This is so true for the Indian film industry that even Wikipedia has a page on this

A typical Clan...

Lyricist Javed Akhtar married script writer Honey Irani. His second wife is actress Shabana Azmi. The net result....
  • Javed Akhtar an Urdu poet, lyricist and scriptwriter
  • Honey Irani an award-winning screenwriter....(first wife of Javed Akhtar)
  • Shabana Azmi an actresses and actress activist. (second wife of Javed Akhtar)
  • Kaifi Azmi a Urdu and Hindi lyricist, poet and songwriter....(father of Shabana Azmi)
  • Farhan Akhtar could do a lot of things because of his birthright (son of Javed and Honey)
  • Zoya Akhtar a director.(daughter of Javed and Honey)
  • Tabu -acted till married to expand clan (niece of Shabana Azmi)
  • Farah Khan...made a lot of folks dance till she directed nothing less than Sharukh
    (niece of Javed Akhtar)
  • Sajid Khan is the adopted son of Indian film producer Mehboob Khan, founder of Mehboob Studios, in India....(nephew of Javed Akhtar). He is also funny.
  • Baba Azmi cinematographer (brother of Shabana Azmi)
  • Tanvi Azmi actress (wife of Baba Azmi)
Some other clans which have known to control a lot of things....

A member of sucessfull clan in USA...this one may be a Bharat Ratna

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rs 1,120 crore

This budget, we have earmarked a sum of Rs 1,120 crore to meet the expenses for the general elections. In these times of recession we cannot afford this. Would you mind if we nominate Soniaji to select a PM? As it is, eventually she chooses the PM...

I am very happy with the budget. Only Rahulbaba could stay awake throughout the speech. One MP fainted. One snored and could be heard over Pranabda's voice....

Done! Since Raju Shrivastav is joining the congress we will have him read the budget speech in future..

The budget reader...Raju or of the two!

I may become Pawar

Amar Singhji says that he has no objection to Pawar becoming the prime minister. He also looks like a Sardar at times...

Anyone with a turban is fine as the next PM. What will Maya do?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rahul does not celebrates Valentine's Day in Gujjuland.

This is not a college ID photo with the CBI! This is on the application for my job!

What did Rahul baba say about Valentine's day while he was in Gujarat? Here its is "I do not believe in Valentine's Day, at the same time I have no problem with people celebrating it. There should not be one day to show that you care for somebody."

Rahulbaba does not celebrates Valentine's Day in Gujjuland.

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Low BP

As per the intelligence report I have received, low blood pressure can cause sober passengers to pace up and down the aisle and threaten to blow up the aircraft. Since our investigative agencies cannot investigate anything without nraco analysis and brain mapping, they will now give this poor guy a narco analysis test and he will confess to one of the 100 bomb blast in 2008.

It feels good to be in my own bed. It is kind of calm. It must be time for a storm....typhoon Gopalaswami. What a tilak that he wears! I have told my Law minister to spread rumors that after retirement he is joining the Shree Ram Sena.

Guruji...he looks like he can take up teaching music or dance in Madurai!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Unconditional Withdrawal of my post "Shoddy Journalism" dated November 27th 2008

I have been in the hospital as you all know. Things have been happening while I was getting my heart done up.

It seems that Barkha and NDTV have been upset about a critical post on one of the blogs . I found what the blogger wrote very uninteresting. This makes it very interesting as to why NDTV decided to pressurize this guy to tender an apology.

Guys name - Chetan Kunte - from Netherland
Who is Chetan Kunte as per Chetan Kunte

"My name is Chyetanya Kunte.1 I’m an Indian2 living in the Netherlands, with my wife and two children. In my day job, I am an Offshore Structures Engineer. This site however is personal, and here, I speak for no one but myself.

Having been born on π day, I exhibit typical piscean traits—mildly shy, overtly self-critical, not very social, highly self-conscious, and my planes of thought often indecipherable. I appear arrogant, and rude when I am actually the opposite. I’m a dog person. I enjoy watching science fiction films (Back to the Future is my all-time favorite), and I have a predictable taste for musi

I am lost as to why this guy's blog was selected by NDTV....does it mean that if you are a extremely common blogger you are a target of NDTV?

The Indian bloggers are upset

Now what!

I have to get back to work....