Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Joint statements are complicated. They become simpler when you have majority in the Lok Sabha. Come to think of it, one can get away with anything if you have a majority. Look at Narendrabhai and Mayawati...don't they get away because of a majority?

I may be honest, simple, intelligent, well educated economist and a sardarji...but do I remain the same when I have a majority? My wife things we need the left as a part of the collaition. Mamta is not intelligent enough.

yep...majority or tenure...bhindas raho!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Now even Mayawati knows

Thanks to my brilliant joint statement in Egypt declaring that Balochistan is an area in Pakistan, now even Mayawati knows the well kept secret. Till last year Maya Madam was of the opinion that Balochistan was in Azamghar and we could do anything that we wanted there.

Ok Tell me...what is this? Azamghar or Balochistan?