Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I want to become rich like Mukesh

Arvindji addressed a constituency called "I want to become Rich Like Mukesh" RLM constituency for short. Some of the more stronger members in RLM are in CII. Quite a few are sales representatives in some telcom company and there are a plethora of small business owners who are aspiring RLMs. Speeches to the RLM community are also heard by a lot of ordinary folks who are looking for short cuts to get into RLM constituency. 

While listening to you, I was wondering if everything is cost + profit. fixed for 3 years, when will the salaried folks get their 15% increments? Let me tell you Arvindji, salaried people are a very big vote bank and they like annual increments irrespective of their performance. A significant number of salaried people who pay tax are in the RLM constituency. The owners of the company where the aspiring RLM work also are in the RLM community. And you cannot become RLM  in the cost plus model. 

No Arvindji, I am not a fool. I know what  national assets mean. Once, as a nation, we thought ONGC and IOC could do all the extraction and refining. No profit! Have you tried getting a contract in ONGC? The salaried folks in ONGC also want to be RLM but they choose the path followed by Kalmadi. In fact once, as a nation we thought we can make medicine in cost plus model. Government could make everything in a cost plus model. Have you heard of Hindustan Antibiotics Limited? We still have the DPCO no?

You also can bring the price of petrol down is by reducing the aspirations of people. Do you want to do this?
You are like Bajrang Dal. We need you as a fringe element and keep some other evil under pressure. At best you can be a good opposition in Delhi to start with. 40 of you in the Parliament is going to be a sad day for development politics.

Our nation wants to be a part of RLM constituency. Tell me how you can make the folks in Jhumri Telaiya RLM? Let us hear it man or go back to Anna.

After this google the speech of Rahul baba and NaMo....a good way to choose a leader no?

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