Friday, March 07, 2014

500 km in one day...kejriwal in rural Germany?

I have taken a liking for Asutosh. We had to rely on Udhav and Raj Thackeray and some characters from UP to demonstrate how we should not be but now we have Asutosh, he is doing a good job. He is demonstrating how a journalist should not be also how a politician should not be. I am wondering what type of news he edited and misguided the viewers with. NitiCentral is not investigating this?

I hope he found a lot of Gujaratis complaining about Gujarat. One or two should show up on Television too.

With the moral code of conduct which I should have learnt in Moral Science Class in school being applicable to all in the a Model code of conduct is it? I always thought it was a moral code of conduct. See how I failed as a politician?

This is modeling! We wanted Moraling...


indianrj said...

Lies can not stand on their own. Now Kejriwal's lies have been exposed completely but looking AAPians self-acclaimed honesty to themselves and blaming every other person every now and then has no impact at all. Now people of the country know that they want to use others for their hidden goals.

Gary said...


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Anonymous said...

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